Podcast Update

I’m yet to work on the scripts of the Sarah Boon and Christa Holmans chat the write up of the recordings I done of the podcast but do have the notes of the links. To weite them up manually takes a bit of effort I admit.

Do hope to be able to share the written notes with you later on in the week as want to be more productive on the podcast and blogging this week as think it will be very helpful without as saying to see this as such a chore but something I can enjoy.

As stated on the podcast will try to record an episode on dyspraxia for dyspraxia awareness week and will do a blog on that. Explaining what dyspraxia is might try to ask to get some YouTube videos to link into the blog so it can be that little bit shorter but wanting to keep it more interactive these blogs and offer bits with pictures, audio and video to keep it more accessible and interactive if anyone has an ideas and preferences or links or visual stuff I could share that would be amazing. As definately want to #PassTheMegaphone so to speak.

Want to try to slowly grow the audience of these blogs and podcasts. Realising it is something I should be patient with but want to make this such a positive thing that can connect wider with people.

The podcasts with both Christa and Sarah are going to be linked below but if want to get in touch on those episodes do email nd.neuronews@gmail.com

The Gender Expression One, Autisticly Aaron Chats with Christa Holmans (NeuroRebel) NeuroCast By Autisticly Aaron For ND Neuro News

Autisticly Aaron In this weeks episode, chats with Christa Holmans a gender fluid neurodivergent advocate known to many as the neurodivergent rebel a leader in the conversation on neurodivergent rights. This episode sees Aaron confronts how gender expression is much a neurodivergent issue as it is a femininist one. Autisticly Aaron also has Fen from Stimolgy in the Stim Pride Show Case and your weekly neuro news desk breifing  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/neurocastbyautisticlyaaro/message
  1. The Gender Expression One, Autisticly Aaron Chats with Christa Holmans (NeuroRebel)
  2. Sarah Boon On Zoom and Chewigem Stim Pride Showcase
  3. Autisticly Aaron’s Neurodiversity & Me Part 1
  4. The First One, Neurodivergency & Us: Autisticly Aarons chat with Sophie Lavender
  5. NeuroCast is Neuro Fresh: Coming Soon

The episodes both feature new features:

#StimPrideShowcase championing businesses and services providing stim and sensory aids

First in the #StimPrideShowcase segment of the podcast I had the pleasure of havign Lorraine from Chewigem a company which sells chewing and variety of oral stimming and sensory aids for autistic and neurodivergent people. Lorraine shared how she came to make her company, how she stims and what stimming is. The link to the website is:


Second in the ‘#StimPrideShowcase’ hotseat was Fen from Stimology a UK based start-up which ahas only been open since the end of september this year you can find stimology on instagram and twitter:


My Guest Sarah Boon on self diagnoses and how she discovered her autism and ADHD and why she wanted a diagnoses. Now available to listen back with scribed notes coming later this week. Sarah like me has a blog you can follow and read right here on wordpress


Sarah’s online shop NeuroPride:


Christa Holmans, aka. Neuro Rebel or QueerNeuro their episode that they recorded with me has been put out today now can find via spotify, apple podcasts and pocketcasts. They talked to me about being non binary, pansexual as well as their busy work adovacating for the rights for other autistics now working independently consulting on autism.

Their blog:


Their latest video updating on their new ventures and big projects

You can find the links to Christa’s consultancy services below:

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